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Rod Hart
Rod Hart Sound
NFTS Diploma in Location Sound Recording for Film and TV. 10 years experience

I started out as a child actor and gained experience of film and TV sets from an early age

I learned to play Blues piano from Cesco Riley, the floor manager on the 1981 ITV series ‘Vice Versa’ in which I played ‘Cornelius Coggs’

I took a picture of the Nagra recorder, the significance of which didn’t hit me until 25 years later when I decided on Sound Recording as a career and was lucky enough get into the prestigious National Film and Television School, where I graduated with a Diploma in Location Sound Recording for Film and TV in 2010

By the way, I also carried on life as a musician which has stood me in good stead in music recording, production and live sound too

Oh! And I bought my own Nagra ….

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